LS Academy will prepare and organize all aspects of Investigator Meeting before, during and after a clinical trial.

  • Analysis of the objectives of the Meeting
  • Detailed budget proposal
  • Coordination of all activities
  • Organization: constant contact and support to the speakers and participants.
  • Choice of location, negotiation and management practices for the event, hotel reservations, transportation, reimbursement, equipment, audio / video and multimedia, etc..
  • Design, printing and delivery of information material
  • Graphic design support for PowerPoint presentations and multimedia
  • Organization of social and special events
  • Catering
  • Presence of qualified staff, Welcome Desk
  • Preparation of the minutes of the Meeting and distribution of the final version of these reports along with all supporting material
  • Feedback and final assessments post-meeting
  • Correspondence post-event
  • Distribution of study materials to the participating centers.

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